Social Media Hack: The Way To Tag On Facebook And Twitter To Growth The Attain Of Your Posts And Tweets

On your enterprise to grow in social networks, it is crucial to have an excellent engagement together with your audience. In this regard, today we are able to display you a particularly effective technique to reap this: strategic tagging.

In this article, you will discover information on a way to tag on facebook and make mentions on twitter strategically and little by little that allows you to agenda all your courses with tags from postcron, so that you can increase your interactions with your followers and feature many extra repercussions in social media.



Tagging or strategic tagging is ready tagging users on facebook or making mentions on twitter to accounts relevant for your business which might be related to the subject of your courses.


Like most social networks, twitter and facebook have as foremost objective to allow interactions among numerous users with commonplace pursuits. Because of this, if you want your brand or business to develop in them, it’s miles essential to stimulate such interactions, in order that your audience participates in dialogues around your proposals.

In fact, whilst you tag or mentions someone in your posts, the person or mark blanketed for your ebook gets a notification about that activity. This maximizes the extent of publicity on your content material and, if the tag or point out is applicable and induces the dialogue, it could generate numerous interactions (retuits, shares, feedback, and so forth.)

So as an example, when you have a furniture and ornament enterprise and feature accomplished a chief sale for an influential business for your metropolis, a exquisite manner to capitalize on that occasion in social networks is to create a pleasant submit and tag the shop that has made the acquisition.

That manner you call your purchaser’s interest on social networks, while generating the opportunity that the tagged emblem shares your e-book, respond and begin following you on twitter and facebook, all of that allows you to permit the public of that logo find out about your lifestyles or even give you like or comply with.


Because the facebook crew explains, “while you tag someone, you create a link to their profile” (or fan web page). “it’s also viable that the e-book in which you label that individual is brought on your biography”, the latter in line with your privacy settings.

To tag a fan web page on facebook, simply kind your name in capital letters inside the frame of your state or post. You may additionally upload an @ (at) at the start of the call, if it does no longer appear on the first strive. In all instances you have to make certain that the web page you’re tagging has an amazing level of exposure and has updated courses.


For its component, the twitter assist carrier explains that:

  • a point out is any tweet containing the @username of another man or woman somewhere in the frame of the tweet.
  • these messages, in addition to all of your answers, are collected within the notifications tab.
  • in case you include a couple of @users on your tweet, all those people will see your tweet in their notifications tab.

So, to make mentions in twitter honestly “@” to those money owed which you want to consist of to your posts, this is, to location the name of the account that you need to mention with an @ the beginning.

The way to tag on facebook and make mentions on twitter with postcron

Now that you understand the value of the tags and mentions on facebook and twitter when generating engagement and multiplying your publicity stage, we are able to show you how you could do it with postcron and put up your posts with tag mechanically.

This way you could consist of labels and mentions in your scheduled publications, so that they may be routinely shared within the days and times that making a decision, in step with your content strategy. This may prevent time of labor considering that you’ll not ought to wait until your posts are shared to tag or point out other debts.

Earlier than we start, we make clear that this new feature of postcron for facebook accounts is in particular designed for business, so it permits you to tag facebook pages (now not users). For its part, you can make mentions on twitter to all varieties of profiles, due to the fact in this social community there’s simplest one type of debts, even as facebook distinguishes among commercial and personal accounts.

Now, allow’s visit the academic on how to tag on facebook  and make mentions on twitter with postcron:


Log in to your postcron account. You may do it via your facebook , twitter or google+ account.


Choose the facebook web page (s) and/or twitter accounts in which you want to schedule posts and consist of mentions or tags, and create your submit.

Whilst you want to consist of a message, input a @ (at) and type the call of the fan page or twitter account you need to tag. Then pick out it within the drop-down and finish writing your put up.

 STEP #3

When you end, pick out a day and time for your put up to be mechanically posted.

Once you’ve got scheduled your post, you can review and edit it at the lowest of the manage panel of your postcron account.

That is all!

As you can have proven studying this submit, tag on facebook and make mentions on twitter is a key example to attain a good engagement in social networks and maximize the publicity of your content material. And with postcron allows you could automate this procedure to growth your productivity!

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